Our vision is to be an ideal company providing high, potency, and quality pharmaceutical products and services in Egypt and MENA region.We seek to be an added value that plays a role in society by providing pharmaceutical products of high quality that guarantee a better life for patients, an ideal working environment for our employees, and gaining the trust of our partners.


At Arrow Pharm we pride ourselves in our core values and ethics which include:


We prioritize the quality of our pharmaceutical products and the quality of the performance of our employees.


We are working hard to provide our customers with their needs of effective and safe pharmaceutical products for reasonable prices


We believe that our employees are the major force behind our success, therefore we work hard to provide a healthy working environment and employment opportunities based on justice and equity.


We are always thinking and caring about our society and its individuals. Hence, we strive to reinforce our values to society, support the pharmaceutical industry, and participate in the development of the economy of our nation.

Our Careers

To apply to any of our available vacencies, please send your CV at career@Arrowpharm.com.

Our Products

Arotadine solution:

Composition: Povidone Iodine

Indication: Antiseptic

Direction: Prepare the skin at the surgical site immediately before incision


  1. 10% solution in 100 ml bottle
  2. 5% solution spray in 100 ml bottle
  3. 10% solution in 4 liters gallon
  4. 7.5% soap in 4 liters gallon

Arotadine solution and spray:

  • Proved to be effective anti-bacterial agent against both MRSA and methicillin sensitive MSSA strains killing all within 30 seconds
  • Shows persistent effect on healthy skin, solutions of povidone iodine are active for 12- 14 hours whereas chlorhexidine is active for only 1-4 hours
  • Arotadine is recommended by the international guidelines
  • Arotadine has fast onset of action and prolonged activity
  • Arotadine shows minimal resistance rate and has broad spectrum antiseptic activity
  • Arotadine has good skin tolerance

Aro- caffeine:

Composition: Caffeine, Vit. E, D- panthenol, Olive oil, Wheat Germ oil, Rosemary oil, Jojoba oil, Cactus extract, and Sage extract.

Instructions for use: Shampoo: Apply suitable amount to hair, lather and rinse well after 2 minutes
Cream: Apply suitable amount of cream on the scalp for styling

Aro- Caffeine is a special formula that releases the active ingredients to the scalp even during the relatively short period of contact (120 seconds) and transports it into the hair roots.

Aro- Caffeine Shampoo and Cream:

  • Combines hair conditioners, antioxidants, and emollients in one special formula
  • Is beneficial in cases of Diffuse hair loss, Androgenic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata.
  • Induces growth, revitalizing the follicles.
  • Increases the blood flow thus improving the nutrition and flow of oxygen to hair roots.
  • Increases hair thickness and volume.

Ure- Glycerin Cream:

Composition:10% Urea and 10% Glycerin

Instructions for use: Apply suitable amount of cream on the rough skin

For foot and elbow care

Allantin Cream:

Composition: Allantoin, Panthenol, Jojoba oil, Glycerin

Instructions for use: Apply suitable amount of cream on the rough skin

  1. Moisturizing, softener effect
  2. Soothing, anti-irritant for skin after sun exposure
  3. For prophylaxis of diaper rashes
  4. After shave

Arrowpa Cream:

Composition: Panthenol and Glycerin

Instructions for use: Apply suitable amount of cream on the affected areas

  1. Effective for nipple fissures
  2. Effective for baby bath
  3. Moisturizing and skin conditioner cream

About US

We are Arrow Pharm for pharmaceutical products; we pride ourselves in our efficient products and our qualified team, gaining trust of our partners and customers every day.

Arrow Pharm was established in 2011 as a specialized company in the field of pharmaceuticals manufacture and health care. Arrow Pharm Company has its ideal objectives; where certain strategies are applied to overcome the challenges that the manufacture of high quality pharmaceutical products with reasonable prices meet.

The founder is Dr. Magdy Elokaby, who started with the registration team in 2013 to register more than forty different products.

The company was on land in 2015, the first line of production was antiseptics, including different forms of Povidone Iodine; the second line of production was derma products, using caffeine in different forms of treatment for alopecia and hair fall, this line also included emollient creams.

The company portfolio contains food supplements, antibiotic capsules and creams, virus C treatment drugs, liver support drugs, and cosmetics.

Contact Us

Address: 37, Ashgar Darna, Carrefouer Elmaady
Tel: 01019500001, 01204661134
Email: info@arrowpharm-eg.com
Website: arrowpharm-eg.com